Curious facts about dolphins


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that dolphins are one of the most lovable animals of our planet. Did you know that they are also very intelligent and there are many curious facts about them? Here we collected some of them.


Dolphins use about 14000 different sounds to talk, that equals approximately to the number of words that a human uses in everyday life. Moreover, each dolphin has its own name that is given at birth by members of the group.

They are too fast!

A British zoologist Sir James Gray noticed that dolphins move with too big speed for the muscles they have. The science says it’s impossible, but the fact is the fact. Till now there is no key to the “paradox of Gray”.

Dolphins never sleep

There are many common things about the physiology of dolphins and humans. So many, that there are some scientists who believe that both have the same ancestor. For example, dolphins have 2 cerebral hemispheres as well. But unlike people, dolphins manage to never sleep! They have their hemispheres resting one by one. So while one is sleeping, the other one is active. This is how dolphins can keep moving all the time. They need it, first of all, to ascend to the surface regularly to take a breath and also to watch out and beware of other predators.

You can see dolphins on a canoe tour in Tenerife

It’s unbelievable how friendly dolphins are to people. When you go on a kayak tour in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, you meet them on your way and this encounter stays in your memory for long. Dolphins swim around and under the kayaks, jump out of water, making very good company to the kayakers.

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