Watching dolphins by kayak


Dolphins are famous marine inhabitants of Tenerife. All blogs on Internet are full of recommendations to go on any boat trip in the South of Tenerife to meet these adorable animals. But did you know that even a closer encounter with them is possible? You can go on a kayak tour and watch the dolphins swimming and jumping all around you while you are seated in a little canoe. This is an experience to live! There is nothing between you and the nature. Dolphins like to show off and demonstrate their skills and abilities in front of amazed kayakers.

Where exactly can you watch dolphins by kayak?

There are canoe tours starting in Los Cristianos and going to the very Southern point of Tenerife. It takes about 30 minutes on kayaks to reach the place where it’s very possible to see dolphins. There are some fish farms offshore this coast and dolphins arrive here regularly attracted by the fish kept there. Local people joke that Canarian dolphins are criminals as they steal fish from the farms. Anyway, they are very friendly and do not mind to swim with kayakers for a little while.


Which kind of dolphins can you meet on a kayak excursion?

The residents in Tenerife are bottlenose dolphins, or Tursiops. So when you watch dolphins by kayak in Tenerife, most probably you see exactly this kind. They are the most active and skilled species, that’s why bottlenose dolphins “work” on the shows in delphinariums all over the world. There are also many dolphins migrating through the Canary islands, so maybe you get lucky and on your next kayak excursion in Los Cristianos you meet some other species too. Read more about kayaking in Tenerife.


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