Best kayaking tour in Tenerife


Kayaking, or also called canoeing, is getting more and more popular these years. Active way of spending free time attract many people. Better than just staying on the beach , many prefer to enjoy the ocean and always sunny weather in Tenerife by going out to the open water on kayaks. You move, get tanned fast, watch amazing views available only from the seaside and get a lot of fresh air. More often than ever, tourists coming to Tenerife look for a kayak trip. And the question is which canoe tour in Tenerife is the best.

There are different routes and different starting points. The most popular are Punto Teno and PalmMar. The route leading to Punto Teno begins in Puerto Santiago and goes up to the North along the Los Gigantes cliffs. The nature is amazing here with all the valleys and wild beaches that you pass on your way. The only thing is that this coast is hit by big waves rather frequently and many days of the year the kayak tours are canceled, being impossible to go out of the harbor.

The other route to PalmMar starts in Los Cristianos and goes to the South where the cliffs are forming spectacular views. There are fish farms here that attract groups of dolphins and make the encounter with them quiet possible. It´s a fascinating experience when you are rowing a canoe and suddenly dolphins appear just by you and swim around. You absolutely connect with the nature. Then getting close to the PalmMar rocks you can make a stop to swim with turtles as there is a family of them that are residents of the place. They swim all around and you watch them like in an aquarium. Sometimes rays come along too. Normally they prefer to stay deeper but here amazingly they come to the shallow water to join the turtles. And, of course, other ocean inhabitants can be seen here as well. The weather conditions allow to do this canoe tour from Los Cristianos all year round.

There are some other routes for kayakers: in the North starting from Playa de las Terrasitas, in the East starting from Las Eras and some others. But if you are looking for the best kayak tour in Tenerife, definitely take the one in PalmMar. The strongest emotions and best memories are guaranteed!

Snorkeling with Turtles from Los Cristianos

Kayaking Tenerife Info

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